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Be it training, a home visit, dog walking, companionship or something else, the care we provide at Bournemouth K9 Care Company will be specific to meet your dogs needs. This is because every Dog we work with becomes part of our family.

 We all love a happy family and at the K9 Care Company, you can rest assured that you pet will be treated with love, kindness and as one of the gang.

For one to one or group walks, training or home visits, an exercised and well trained pet is a happy pet; we work with Dogs to become social, happy and well accepted members of society.

If it's training your looking for, the approach we use is one to one and not classroom or group based. 

We add Dog socialisation to all trainings so your Dog still gets to understand good social etiquet when meeting outher dogs. 

At the end of our one to one training sessions we then share our training with you to continue the work  Simple....

Should you prefer us to pop into to look after your Dog while you are away from home, we also provide 'Companion or Welfare visits'. Dogs should never be left alone for longer than three hours where possible. Dogs are social creatures and need companionship, stimulation, feeding and of course toileting. In these situations just ask about our Home visits, from a 15 minute pop in and feed through to an hour for a walk, feed and socialise we can adapt to best meet your pets needs.

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Our Associations and Memberships 

We are proud to be members of the Association of Dog Training and Behaviour (Senior Trainer)  (UK) and the UK Association of Dog Boarders.

As such, we adhere to a strict code of practice and ethics. Our approach is based on kindness and fun to  stimulate, educate and develop a dogs wellbeing and quality of life.

Welcome to the K9 Care Company©

The K9 Care Company are the Bournemouth based 'Dog Care Specialists' that really know how to look after your pet.

 Established in 2017, by partners Nik & Ken, we aim to deliver a range of dog care services that you really can rely on to lead the way forwards in meeting both your and your pets needs.

As dog owners ourselves, we know how special and important your pet is to you, and treat every dog as our own.

While working with your pet, popping into your home to provide some companionship or providing training or exercise you can rely on us making sure that they are in the very best hands possible.

Having a life time of experience as dog owners through to studying as a senior trainer with the prestigious 'Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour', we are well placed to deliver the very best services possible...... Services that you can trust and rely on.

 We only ever work with a maximum of two dogs per handler. This means we can provide a very personal service, so you have no fears that your pet is overlooked or forgotton.

We are aware of their safety and wellbeing at all times

We are DBS checked, Insured and ADTB & ADB registered for your confidence.

For Dog Care services that really do care......

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